From Guernsey to Turkey to Alnwick……that’s how we roll

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Here is our weekly update from the Spark! family

Check out this great video footage of Spark! in Guernsey earlier this month (from 1 min 47 seconds in)

Thanks to Guernsey Art Commision for their investment in Spark! and for sharing this great video.

The Spark! team are heading to Turkey as we speak, for their first shows in Istanbul

Spark! Guernsey Sarah Garrad

Image taken in Geurnsey by Sarah Garrard, and used with her kind permission.

Spark! will be performing three times a day over three days to celebrate the opening of a new shopping mall in Istanbul this weekend.

There will be some great interactions with audience members in this one, won’t there?

We are confident that Spark! will illuminate and enliven this new shopping centre, and are excited about our first shows in Turkey.

Next stop Alnwick next weekend, for a private event.

It’s always such a pleasure to perform here in the north east, and the Alnwick Gardens provide a spectacular setting for the Spark! show.

Spark! at Alnwick Gardens Dec 2013

Image taken at Alnwick Gardens in December 2013 by Kate Maines-Beasley