Spark! are Recruiting – APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED

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NB: Applications now closed – info below for reference only

Owing to the massive success of Spark!, we are looking for two or three dynamic and energetic performers to join our team from Summer 2016.

Spark in Hong KOng

Spark! is a high-tech extravaganza of amazing drumming, stunning costumes, dynamic choreography and – LIGHT! Lots of light!

You will:

  • have strong rhythmic skills. You will probably be a drummer or percussionist. But you may be a dancer with great rhythm, a beat-boxer or a precision juggler. We’re open minded.
  • be a comfortable mover! There is a lot of choreography in the show and you need to move well.
  • be energetic and hard-working. This is a very physically intensive show with lots of movement and big drums.
  • be based in the north east. Within one hour travelling distance to North Shields for rehearsals etc.
  • be up for adventure and flexible in your availability. We’ve lots of shows booked for 2016 and 2016 in some pretty cool places, with more coming in daily. And we’ve got BIG plans for a new show in 2017.
  • enjoy travel and meeting people. We travel A LOT! You’ll see some amazing places, eat wild and wonderful food (and hang out in lots of airports at 4am)
  • be professional and reliable. Your word is your bond!
  • be a team player. We will spend a lot of time together at shows and on the road so a good attitude is a must

The qualities above are as important to us as experience. Whatever your experience, think about applying. We all got started doing this when someone gave us our first break. This could be yours!

You’ll get to do some amazing shows in some amazing places and we always try to cram in some fun too as this random gallery from the last few months shows:

So how much will you make? We are growing the Spark! team because right now we are turning down more work than we can take on. By growing the team, we will grow the pool of work available. Whilst we can’t guarantee what you might make, we expect it to be comparable with what performers are making now. Your fees depend upon a number of factors such as:

  • How much work you are available for – those who are most available and flexible obviously do the most shows
  • How many performers we need for a particular show. We need between 5 and 8 per show depending on the booking.
  • Your skills and how hard you work – if you put the effort in and learn more than one part in the show, you will get offered more shows.

A performer who was available for the most shows in Spark! has earned over £15,000 in the last 12 months.  This is part time!  Some of this was very intense work (like seven days in Hong Kong – so more than full time) whilst in other periods there were not any shows for 2-3 weeks.  In addition performers received the majority of their meals (some belters!) or per diems (additional food allowances) for most time away. If you blend Spark! with some other flexible work or other projects (as all our other performers do) then it can be very rewarding in every sense!

How to apply? (CLOSED)

1) Find out about Spark! and whether it’s for you:

Check out our website at to see images and video from the show

Instagram is full of great images of us around the world – – Can you imagine yourself being there?

We’re also on Facebook at where we post from some shows.

Fran, one of our performers, keeps a beautifully-written occasional blog on some of the more wild and wonderful places we go. Find out what it’s like outside of the shows:

2) Check you can make an audition day.

We will be holding two auditions at Spark! HQ in North Shields on:

  • Tuesday 12th April – 9.30am – 4.30pm
  • Wednesday 13th April – 9.30am – 4.30pm

You must be available for ONE of these. If you can’t, then I’m afraid we can’t consider you this time.

If invited, you will work for a one full day with some of the existing Spark! team. You will learn two pieces of music and some moves that go with them. We’ll have a go performing in the dark with the drums illuminated. We’ll get to know you a little; we’ll tell you more about the show (including the financial side); and you won’t have to perform any of your songs from “Annie”. Heck, We’d go as far as to say it will be fun!

3) Make a one-minute video of yourself stepping and clapping this simple pattern

In the video below, Fran and Adam will train you up in a little eight-bar clapping and stepping pattern. It’s taken from a Spark! piece and will give you a basic feel for the choreographed parts of the show. Copy and learn!

Once you’ve learned it, prop up your phone or get a mate to film you stepping and clapping the complete pattern four times. It’s what Fran and Adam do in the final part of the video from 6 mins 10 seconds. Your video will be round about one minute long.

Don’t fret on the video itself. It is meant to be quick and rough, we just want to see you full-length clapping the rhythm & stepping in time.

Upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or whatever and include the link to it in your application. (If using YouTube mark it as “unlisted” [not public or private] so we can see it but the rest of the world can’t – instructions here if you’re not sure –

4) Apply online today! (CLOSED)



We will let you know by the evening of Tuesday 5th April whether you will be invited for audition (but if you get your application in early we might tell you before that)

We will work out a period of rehearsal during late Spring/Summer 2016 with the successful applicants which will be designed to fit around existing commitments.

If you have any questions, please email us or ask them on our Facebook page so others can benefit from your answers . Thanks