Spark! in Guernsey

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“I’ve just got home from watching your performance in Guernsey with my seven year old son.  Thank you so much – an amazing performance, so special to see here in Guernsey, as we don’t get many opportunities to see world-class street theatre”

Spark! has just returned from Guernsey, where we performed as part of their inaugural Winter Carnival.

This was a magical event, and the audience responded so well to the show.

We love this image taken by Sarah Garrard

Spark! in Geurnsey Sarah Garrard

And this one by Chris George, which shows the full scale and spectacle of the lantern parade

Lantern Parade Guernsey by Chris George

The event also made the news, and you will find a great piece of footage here which features Spark!

Spark! are currently travelling back from shows last night in London, and the next stop on our travels is Turkey. There is never a dull moment!

Photos used with kind permission.