We need talented drumming performers – NOW!

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Please note: applications are now closed! This page is for info only.


We are thrilled to be looking for up to 10 new drumming performers to join our team for a special project this summer – “Project Blast!”

If you are successful in auditioning for the Blast! team, you will play up to 14 shows before and during T20 Cricket games all over England – The Oval, Lords, Old Trafford, Headingley – and many more. These will take place on various dates between 6th June and 8th September 2014.

What we need:

We need talented, energetic, reliable and hardworking performers. You need to have drumming experience of some sort, but you must also be a strong performer and a comfortable mover.

The performances will require lots of energy and your skills will need to be top-notch. You’ll have a brilliant costume (to be revealed soon!) and it will be a lot of fun.

Your skill and attitude is more important than your experience, so we encourage you to apply if you fit the bill.

The Spark! Drummers – London March 2014

A route into the Spark! team?

We are also looking for 2 more performers to join our international Spark! team!

We get lots of applications from people seeking to join our Spark! team. And who wouldn’t want to join? The Spark! team travel all over the world making amazing shows in amazing places with amazing people (check out the rest of this site for more on what we do).

We hope to choose our two new Spark! performers from the successful Blast! drummers. That way, we can get to know you well during the summer (and you can get to know us) and then (if successful) you’ll be ready to join Spark! in the autumn.

What it pays:

The shows are mainly at weekends (see the online application below for all of the dates). There will be lots of travel and some overnight stays too.

The shows pay at between £170 – £200 per day depending upon length of day and whether there is an overnight etc. The initial rehearsals are paid at £75 per day.

If you did the rehearsals and all the shows you will earn over £3000 (even more if you are chosen as a driver). How many shows you do will depend on your availability (and that of the rest of the team) so you probably won’t do all the shows, but you must be able to do the majority.

Important things before you apply:

You must be:

  • based in the north east of England – preferably no more than 1 hour from our base in North Shields
  • aged 16 years or older
  • able to come for audition (if chosen) on Friday 9th May – 9:30am – 4:30pm
  • able to make rehearsals on Wednesdays 21st AND 28th May – 9am – 5pm
  • available for the majority of the dates in the application

If you answer  “NO” to any of the questions above then do not apply as we won’t be able to consider you. Sorry

Applications are now closed!!!! Good luck if you applied.