Spark! street-theatre is a magical live music, movement and lighting spectacular in which mysterious characters composed of light and sound transform the landscape around them.



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  1. Hilarious copycat act

    So we have at least the FOURTH group who’ve copied us (that we know of). Our contact tells me that these guys are VERY CHEAP and VERY POOR. So if you fancy some rubbish drummers for your event, knock yourself out. (They do have a tambourine which alas we don’t,...
  2. Menton Lemon Festival

    Spark! are delighted to be part of The Menton Lemon Festival 2015 –  everything’s made of Lemons (and oranges)! Absolutely stunning. Thanks to our performer Francesca Knowles for these awesome photographs.
  3. Packing a punch in Paisley

    It was a Spark! debut in Paisley last weekend, and the response was magic. Check out this video to see for yourself… Thanks to 1021 photography for the excellent video, and to all involved in this fabulous event.
  4. Festival Visualia Croatia

    Amazing film of the superb Festival Visualia in Croatia that we performed at in May. Some of the most lovely film we’ve seen of us (there’s two chunks – near the beginning and near the end). Enjoy!

“Visually arresting, acoustically impressive…Spark! wowed the audience of thousands gathered to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Worldbeaters Music have come up with a winning combination” Liz Pugh: Producer, Walk the Plank

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Spark! is a highly adaptable site-specific performance in which the cast take the audience on a colourful dreamlike journey. The show combines high-impact drumming, dynamic choreography and beautiful lighting design.